Show Your Creativity: 3 Craft Ideas for Fourth of July – Atlanta, GA

I’m not artistic in any way. I like to look at art, critique it and sometimes even give some analysis on it. But as far as painting on or even constructing something is concerned, I have next to zero creative ability.

But this post is for you, not me or any others who may feel inept creatively like me. To kill time, craft making is usually a good way to go. You may have some trinkets lying around the house and just need to do some renovating. Maybe that craft table you bought months ago hasn’t been used and now is the perfect time to make it happen.

You’re in luck. I’ve found some crafts made by people that are more creative than I am, and that’ll work to your advantage. The best I could probably do is tell you to make a flag with popsicle sticks, and I’m sure that may not be fun to you.

But here are some pictures of well-thought-out craft ideas for Fourth of July:










This one looks simple enough. Find some wooden crates and get your Betsy Ross game on. You may have some apples you’ve been waiting to eat and you’re good to go. I don’t know, there’s got to be something that wooden crates hold that you can get rid of.

Patriotic Decor

This one is nice. It adds a little homey touch to it, as well as your dedication to your country. Looks like all it takes is a few pieces of wood, find a way to bind them together and paint. You have yourself a nice wooden flag to hang over your fireplace.












If anyone has a bench, this works perfectly for you. Some more paint added on and your front porch looks as patriotic as it can be.

These are just some ideas you could do. You may have better ones than I provided, and that’s okay. What might be a better-looking craft is finding a nice car (like the blue 2016 Hyundai Veloster Rally Edition) at your friendly Hyundai dealership in Lithia Springs, Thornton Road Hyundai, especially after taking advantage of their Fourth of July Hyundai sales in the Atlanta area.