Need a Pick-Me-Up? Check Out These Hilarious Car GIFs – Atlanta, GA

Here we go again. Another time where we take GIFs, put them into context and figure out why they have meaning and purpose. Then again, we already know that they do. As I’ve said numerous times, GIFs tell stories that a normal picture couldn’t do. After further review, there are ways to appeal to the mass audience in the form of moving pictures.

This week, we’re taking a look at these hilarious car GIFs that just provide us with absolutely unfathomable humor. These options this week are very subtle but could be presented to in any caption thought possible.

Sit back and enjoy these, and make sure to check out your local Atlanta-area Hyundai dealership and find a better option in a car that’ll be better than anything you see here. Rest assured, getting something like a 2015 Hyundai Accent compact car is already 10 times better than the cars you’ll see in these GIFs. There’s nothing better than getting behind the wheel knowing the 2015 Hyundai Accent MPG, at 38 MPG on the highway, will get you jumping just like its six-speaker audio system will.

Now, someone is getting fired here. We know it’s going to be the Waste Management driver, but how in the world does this truck driver manage to screw this up? It really makes no sense.

Allow me to show you my kung-fu ski … Alright, then.

Oh, Lightning McQueen. Your red paint shines ever so brightly through the night sky, showing off your obscure figure to the rest of the car crowd. The only thing that acquiring minds want to know, though, is what in the world is that tongue action you got going there?

This is a classic case of “follow the leader.” Only nothing but cars and one idiot turned to many.

This cat is fantastic. And hilarious. If you like cats and terrible parking instruction, this is for you and is absolutely hilarious.