Let’s Take a Drive Back In Time Through the History of Lithia Springs – Atlanta, GA

Another wonderful summer is behind us, and a beautiful fall is upon us. For those of you who don’t know, what follows is the story of how Lithia Springs came to be. Let’s take a leisurely ride into the past and explore the astonishing history of Lithia Springs, shall we?

The story of Lithia Springs begins with Lithia Springs, a natural lithia water spring. So popular was the curative waters that flowed from Lithia Springs that people came for miles to drink its legendary healing water. The neighboring city of Austell was also founded by the spring’s popularity.

In 1887, Judge Bowden bought the springs with a group of investors and started bottling and selling Bowden lithia spring water. That same year a 500-room luxury health resort hotel named the Sweet Water Hotel, opened in Lithia Springs. The Sweet Water Hotel and its famous lithia spring water were so popular that Mark Twain, members of the Vanderbilt family, and Presidents Cleveland, Taft, McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt all enjoyed the many amenities of the resort which included the world-famous Lithia Vapor Baths.

Back when cars looked like this!


In 1888, the Piedmont Chautauqua Institute opened in Lithia Springs. Henry W. Grady, editor of the Atlanta Constitution, was the founder and gave the institute the motto of “Enlightenment of the People.” In 1888, over 30,000 tourists, sightseers and health-seekers visited Lithia Springs.

The only remnants of this glorious age which have survived are the natural spring and its historic lithia water under the name brand Lithia, which is still bottled and sold in restaurants and health food stores.

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