4 Ways to Detail Your Car Like a Pro – Atlanta, GA

Clean CarWhatever Hyundai you drive, an Elantra, Genesis, Tucson, or Sonata, we here at Thornton Road Hyundai know its your pride and joy! And what better way to show off your ride than by keeping it super clean and shiny.  Let’s face it, from Union City, Atlanta, Kennesaw, Fairburn, to Sandy Springs, having a clean ride is a MUST! We’ve compiled some of our best detailing tips to help you keep your Hyundai looking its best:

1. Use the right products for the right part.
When you’re detailing your Elantra, you should make certain that you’re using glass cleaner on your windows, leather cleaner on your interior, wax on the body, and so on…all products are not made for all parts of your Nissan, choose carefully!

2. Use soft cloth.
Instead of spraying cleaner directly on your Genesis, spray it onto a soft terry cloth, or even a sock, instead.  The soft cloth will help prevent scratches on the paint or streaking on the glass.

3. Grab some cotton swabs.
When you’re getting down to the nitty gritty in the interior of your Tucson, use a cotton swab or a toothbrush to get into those small crevices, such as in the air vents or around dashboard knobs.  It may seem picky, but you’ll be surprised at the difference!

4. Invest in some really great glass cleaner.
Your Hyundai Sonata has some amazing lines in its design, and these can be best seen in the slope of the windshield and rear window.  Using a good glass cleaner will make the windows sparkle, and add the finishing touch!

From Austell, Powder Springs, Mableton, Douglasville, and Smyrna, Thornton Road Hyundai wants to see those Hyundais shine!  We hope you’ve enjoyed these detailing tips to get your vehicle shining like a pro!