3 Easy Steps to Lowering Your Hyundai Veloster – Atlanta, GA

Looking to give your Hyundai Veloster a lower profile? The experts at your Lithia Springs Hyundai dealership, Thornton Road Hyundai, will be happy to help you through the process.

Here are three easy steps to lowering your Hyundai Veloster:

1. Choose Between Lowering Springs or Coilovers

There are several factors go into making this decision. You’ll have to think about how low you want your Veloster to be as well as how comfortable of a ride you’re looking for. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Lowering Springs

  • Lowering springs directly replace your original springs
  • Some kits allow you to reuse your stock shocks or struts
  • They are preset to lower your vehicle by a specified amount
  • Features progressive, non-adjustable spring rates
  • More affordable than coilovers


2. Purchase the Lowering Kit

Lowering kits can be purchased online. If you’re looking to save a little money, you can go with the Eibach Veloster lowering springs. These run around $150 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Progressive springs will be more comfortable for day to day driving. It is possible to put the new springs over your old shocks, but if you want to, and have the budget for it, you can buy new shocks as well. Coilover kits can run upwards of $900 if you want to get really serious.

3. Make an Appointment

Before you buy anything, make an appointment with the Thornton Road Hyundai service department. This way you can discuss the best options for you and your Hyundai Veloster, whether it be a few years old or a brand new, matte blue 2016 Hyundai Veloster Rally Edition. After your new lowering kit has been installed, they will also perform a wheel alignment for you. Regardless of which kit you choose, you’ll love the looks and the ride quality!