Meet the Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept

The Hyundai Santa Cruz concept vehicle was one of the many concepts unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show recently, and one look at it is enough to see that it stands out from the crowd. Although it appears to be a compact crossover combined with a pickup, Hyundai says the Santa Cruz isn’t a truck, making it part of an interesting new category.

hyundai santa cruz concept

Basic Overview

This compact crossover pickup is definitely attractive and forward-thinking, and Hyundai has a specific target audience in mind. It designed the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept while thinking about the “Millennial Urban Adventurers,” a group it sees as needing a vehicle that has all-wheel drive to take them to adventure, enough secure storage for surfboards or recycling, and space for five passengers.


With the ability to seat five people, the Santa Cruz will fit a standard amount of people, but keep in mind that the rear doors open forward, something which may throw drivers for a loop until they get used to it. There is also a tailgate extension designed to help drivers haul larger objects, such as classic motorcycles and antique chests.



The engine in the concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show is a 2-liter turbodiesel that produces 190 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. Hyundai says that this engine can offer the Santa Cruz fuel economy within the range of the high 30s.



Hyundai still hasn’t announced the expected payload and towing abilities of the Santa Cruz, claiming that because it isn’t a truck, the primary goals were not ground clearance or hauling. Based on the description, however, we can expect it to fit a heavy motorcycle or dresser as well as a large amount of recycling.


To learn more about the Hyundai Santa Cruz or any other Hyundai model, head to Thornton Road Hyundai in Atlanta, Georgia.