Let’s Explore: 3 Great State Parks to Visit in Georgia – Atlanta, GA

There’s something great about a state park.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The smell of the trees, the fresh air and the wonderful views that nature provides us. They’re a great destination for families and even if you’re planning a special date for that special someone.

In Georgia, there are so many choices for a state park. The Georgia State Parks website says there are a whopping 65 possible parks to visit in the Peach State. If you get lucky, there’s a chance you may seem some peaches in your area.

So, take a look at these three parks that you should take into consideration. These are some great state parks to visit in Georgia:

Black Rock Mountain State Park

This might be one of the best views you’ll get at a park. If you look at a couple of pictures before heading out, I swear, it’ll look like a scene straight out of Jurassic Park… that scene with the herbivores sneezing on the little girl. Seriously, it looks that great. You can have some fun with this area and its 44 campsites.

Red Top Mountain State Park

For a park that’s named after a mountain, the lake really steals the show at Red Top. It’s a 12,000-acre lake made perfect for boating and fishing. There’s also the chance that your sons will push each other into the lake, but that’s a chance you’re willing to take. Okay, maybe not.

Indian Springs State Park

I’m not a big fan of camping, as much as I am a cabin or cottage. There are 10 nice-looking cottages here for your enjoyment and relaxation. You can also camp if you want, but I’m not you, so maybe that’s not my call to say. But I’m your friend and am trying to help you.


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